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Commercial and residential painting and decoration

Site under construction...

  1. Bremerton
    Hallway inside the new apartment building after completion.
  2. 4 car garage
    4 car garage
    1200 sf garage, look after just finished second coat.
  3. Painting outside
    Painting outside
    Painting progress of a 5000 sf house, new construction.
  4. Stairway
    Just finished stair way to the second level
  5. Dining room
    Dining room
  6. Cedar ceiling
    Cedar ceiling
    Applying sealer on raw cedar ceiling outside
  7. Accents
    Added shadow accents to the recroom
  8. Living room
    Living room
    Repainted fireplace wall to make it stand out
  9. April house
    April house
    New house finishing up
  10. April 1st
    April 1st
    Finished house, four different colors. It was an April 1st project, even though the front roof ridges were no joke.